Vasilis Stamatis

My professional career is extremely diversified. With a solid background in music composition, cultural studies and economics,  I work as a researcher, composer, performer, teacher, cultural events project manager and funding consultant.

I focus on innovative non-linear approach to contemporary narrative, combining music composition, new technologies and classical oeuvres such as ancient drama, classic literature and silent films of the 20’s (Literature, Music & Multimedia Art forms). I explore the aesthetic and technical aspects of the digital performance, mixing conventional instruments with live electronics (Human – Computer Interaction), smart devices, looping techniques, theatrical narrative and video projections. I am a Research Assistant at the Laboratory of Artistic and Cultural Education, University of the Aegean from where I obtained my PhD in 2015 and I am interested in the evolution of Multimedia forms and various cross – cultural music phenomena.

I tend to mix heterogeneous elements such as contemporary harmony, mixed means with folk Balkan scales and rhythms. I have been commissioned to compose music for theatre, multimedia shows, dance choreography, chamber music, music for mixed means, for orchestra and for chorus. Currently I work on setting Ancient Drama and classical literature text as a prototype form for electroacoustic multimedia work. I am also passionate about scoring and performing new original music for old silent movies.

For the past 9 years I have been using composition as a tool in order to develop and deliver workshops, seminars and classes to students and participants of all ages and abilities. My pedagogy approach is to engage participants in collaborative projects that involve composition, improvisation and performance in an innovative way. The overall music experience becomes more exciting and unique that way.
In am the director at the Centre for Music Research & Education (C.M.R.E), where I teach composition music technology, harmony, counterpoint, orchestration, and music theory.

Cultural Events Project Manager/Funding Consultant
In parallel with my role as a researcher, composer, performer, educator I work as a cultural events project manager and funding consultant at 7 Points Creative Expression. I have collaborated with Universities, local authorities, Municipalities, Chambers of Commerce in a series of innovative projects in the field of connecting Culture, Tourism, New Technologies and Economy. I have participated in the drafting and issuance of project proposals and budgets for EU programmes such as Culture 2007 – 2013, INTERREG, ADRION etc.
I am also the Artistic Director of the Ionio Classical Music Festival “Paolo Carrer” in Zakynthos.